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Madam L is a 60-year-old widow who has an advanced stage of breast cancer. She had an operation when she was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago but could not afford to continue her medical treatment. As a foreigner living in Singapore on a dependent pass, she does not qualify for hospital financial subsidies or assistance.

She was found in a terrible condition in 2004 with maggots coming out from her breast. Even then, she had to be persuaded to go to the hospital for treatment because she knew she could not pay for it. She finally agreed after the Medical Social Worker assured her that financial assistance would be sought.

Although Madam L has a daughter and two sons, none are in a position to support her financially. She lives with her daughter who has been unemployed for over three years due to medical reasons. Right now, their only source of money is the RM300 one of her sons gives her every month. He is in Malaysia but is trying to find work in Singapore so that he can better help his mother and sister. Unfortunately he has been unsuccessful so far. She has lost contact with the other son who is overseas and has left no contact details.

Breadline has been helping the family financially and a volunteer has been assigned to look into the family’s needs.