What are the objectives of the Group?

To help the aged, needy and destitute in Singapore.

Is the Group affiliated to any religion?

No. The Group is not affiliated to any religion.

Who can join?

Membership is open to all, regardless of age,sex, race or religion.

How can we help?

You can volunteer your services and look after one or more needy family/families. Or you can make a donation to the Group. All outright donations are tax exempt. Currently the rate is 2.5x. I.e. for every dollar you donate, the Government deducts two dollars and fifty cents from your taxable income.

What about the poor and needy in other countries?

Because of our tax exempt status, we can only help the poor and needy in Singapore if we are using funds donated to the Breadline Group.

How do you find the poor and needy in Singapore?

The majority of cases are referred to us by Social Workers / Medical Social Workers from various organisations in Singapore.

How does the Group decide that these cases should be helped?

The Family Advisory Committee, made up of experienced Social Workers, will assess each case and make their recommendations to the Executive Committee.

We would like to volunteer our services but we do not know what to do when we visit the families.

An experienced Breadline volunteer will guide you. You will accompany the volunteer on his/her visits to the family/families and observe what needs to be done. Once you are comfortable, you will be assigned an existing or new family. You are under no obligation and at any time you can decide not to continue the assignment if it is not suitable. However, if you decide to stop after taking on a family, do let any Breadline committee member know so that a replacement can be found.

Are we expected to give the money to the poor and needy families out of our own pockets?

For funding of recipient/family, each volunteer can either
a) make a claim for reimbursement from the Hon Treasurer; or
b) pay out of own pocket and make no claim for reimbursement; or
c) make a claim for reimbursement but give donation (any amount) to The Breadline Group. Tax exempt receipts will be issued for donations.