The rapid pace of urbanisation and industrialisation in Singapore and the accompanying social changes have aggravated the plight of the aged and the destitute – especially those who, for one reason or another, are not living in welfare or other special homes.
Whatever social welfare assistance they receive largely goes to rent and public utilities, leaving them with very little to live on.

The Breadline Group is a community service comprising of volunteers. It was formed because we share a concern for the welfare of the old and needy in Singapore, and want to channel our efforts towards helping them.

We are registered under the Societies Act / Charities Act and are a member of the National Council of Social Service. We operate with minimal overheads from members’ homes so that the funds we raise can go directly to the families in need.

With Family Adoption Schemes, The Breadline Group has “adopted” more than 200 families, most of whom are recommended by medical social workers.

Many are old and physically handicapped, and have dependents to support. Every month, our volunteers visit each “adopted” family, talking to them and finding out how they fare, providing food provisions and/or cash to supplement whatever public assistance they may be receiving.